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Elementi 1D Diffusor / Absorber 2″

The Elementi 1D Diffusor / Absorber 2″, by Mazzieri, is series panels that are professional-grade acoustic absorbers and diffusers that come in different sizes and colors. Specifically, you must use them when designing your home or professional music production studio and soundproofing. Their purpose is to achieve a smooth decay time for low to high…
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Resonance Absorbers

Resonance absorbers, also known as tuned traps, pressure absorbers, or narrowband absorbers, are devices that are frequency-dependent. This is because of the desired resonance of a particular material at a specific wavelength. There are several types of resonance absorbers. Some examples are the Jaumann absorber, the Salsbury screen, and the Dallenbach layer. In addition, there…
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