music production knowledge

The AV32 is a compact desktop speaker designed and created by M-Audio with the idea to create a sonic solution for professional media creators and home-based music producers. These monitors are pretty simple and straight forward when it comes to the design elements and their characteristics, but giving their price tag and compact size they have a worthy frequency response. They are fabricated with acoustically-inert MDF that helps to eliminate clarity robbing resonances and unwanted sounds.

The AV32’s have an onboard amplifier that provides 10 watts of power per channel, not much, but again these monitor speakers are only .5″ x 5.1″ x 6.1″. They feature a two-way design to optimize bass reflection with waveguides that deliver extended bass and clear sounding highs. The woofers are made of polypropylene and are 3 inches, while the teeters are ferrofluid 1-inch silk cones. For connectivity, you will find a 1/8 inch stereo jack and RCA inputs making them compatible with most of your geat, including tablets, computers and mobile devices.

On the front panel, there is a headphone output that will give you the ability to work privately without disturbing your roomies or neighbours. There is also convenient volume control. These monitors come perfect for producing all kind of media on your computer desktop or laptop but are also a great choice if you want better sound for your games, videos and for listening to music. The frequency response on these monitors is 80Hz to 20kHz with a crossover frequency of 3.3 kHz. Weighing only 2.5kg these speakers are even practical to carry along if you are a nomad producer, or if you need to set shop elsewhere. The cabinets are covered in Vinyl-laminated MDF giving a rather elegant finish to top it off next to your other gear.

Image: M-Audio