Mini Boulder

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The Mini Boulder is a high end coaxial nearfield studio monitor from Unity Audio. These monitor speakers feature the same internals as the mid and high-frequency drivers as the Boulder MKIII, meaning at a first glance that the Mini Boulder is quality built and promising. The Mini Boulder however brings a smaller woofer driver compared with their siblings, but that doesn’t mean that this monitor speaker lacks bass. These monitors pack a very good low-end punch with a frequency response of 35Hz to 38kHz, meaning that they only lose 5Hz of the bass extension from their siblings.

These monitors have a unique and exclusive central amounted unit that is hand build in Germany. The 5″ ring mid-range drive and a central mounted JET5 50Hz folded ribbon tweeter is a gem. This combination provides a reduced stray magnetic field that has higher efficiency and improved overall dynamics. The design of the Mini Boulder unit assures that phase accuracy is delivered across the entire frequency range, giving you phase rotation and anomalies, with fantastic sonic imaging. Onboard the Mini Boulder is a 300 watt Class D amp with its own power supply to feed the 8″ woofer and two more Class A7B 100 watt amps are dedicated to supplying the other divers with power.

The cabinet of the Mini Boulder is a sealed enclosure and does not rely on the traditional low bass port. The transient response this approach makes for a far quicker response to conventional ported enclosers making better decisions about compressor envelopes for example. The Mini Boulder is ideal for a number of applications be it multi-channel and stereo, recording and mixing, mastering and composing. These particular monitors are suitable to form smaller rooms that demand full frequency with a 3 way sound.

Image: Unity Audio