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If you are looking to find vintage inspired modulation effects that are paired to a versatile performance unit, the Kaleidoscopes by Waves plug-in effect might be your answer. The unite is charged with four classic modulation effects that you can combine to get some really dreamy sounding results. With its two engines, you will be able to operate Kaleidoscopes modulation effects at once, giving you hands-on control over a 60’s phaser and flanger, a 70’s style tremolo and an 80’s style chorus. In each of these features, you will be able to control and mod them with speed, resonance, width and depth.

Kaleidoscopes plug-in comes with the ability to run two mod effects at once. These mods can be run in parallel or in series, depending on your particular needs. When melting down to plug-ins at once with its Dual Cascade architecture things can really start getting interesting or transcendental would be a more appropriate word to use, imagine what you can do with this type of architecture. Also onboard this plug-in, you will find five analogue character modes to get your tweaking ability going. These modes include low and high pass filters, thru mode, wt signals and dry signals.

The plug-in is charged with intelligent triggering, becoming a much more versatile live performance tool that will give you the ability to assigned effects start and stop times in relation to input signals. You can also set your own performance as effects mod the source to drive the effects yourself. This plug-in is a secret weapon to make your drums, synths, vocals or guitars move and breathe with colour and feel. It can actually become a personalized music instrument that lets you modify its character to your own sonic liking and preferences.

Image: Waves