M-Audio BX3

music production knowledge

M-Audio’s BX series has just got an addition with the BX3 which are powerful monitor speakers that come in a compact size and are affordable. The new BX3 series monitors come with great sound quality for music producers, podcasters and live streamers with a reduced budget. M-Audio has taken the advantage of this new release by releasing also the BX4 series monitor speakers. Both are compact and build for various purposes in mind. These monitors are focused on giving sound quality to music listeners, music makers, gamers, and live streamers providing a compact solution with pro-grade sounding results.

These two monitors look much alike, but they have just a slight difference and that is the size of their low-frequency drive. Both monitors are made with military-grade black kevlar drives, the BX3 have a 3.5-inch driver, while the BX4 monitor speakers come with a 4.5-inch driver. Both have a 1-inch silky dome tweeter that projects audio across a frequency range of 68Hz to 22kHz. Stereo imaging is accurate thanks to computer optimization. There is a rear port on each monitor for added low-frequency response giving them deep sound.

On the rear panel of both monitors, you will find high and low EQ dials, left and right active speaker position selectors and a set balanced jack and RCA inputs to accommodate audio sources that can span from a mixer, mobile phone, audio interface or any other sound source. These studio monitors are a great choice for music producers, podcasters, gamers or live streamers that are looking for a set of studio-quality monitor speakers without having to go bankrupt to get a set. M-Audio also includes with the purchase of the BX3 or BX4 monitors a lite version of Avid Pro Tools, which includes 20 effect plugins that are perfect to kickstart any project, whether it is editing, mixing or recording an audio project.

Image: M-Audio