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Töörö is a mini synth that is designed with deep synthesis talents and boosts six voices. It also works with FM and wavetable synthesis and an analogue filter to spide things up. This mini synth is a Kickstarter project and it is made and designed by German engineer Frederic Meslin, with a vision to create a hybrid portable polysynth with build-in effects, an arpeggiator and an A847 filter. It allows producers and music makers to apply FM or their own wavetables using the units built-in waveforms.

Fred’s Lab is creating what they think is a representation of a workhorse synth. If you can get together a sequencer and perhaps a drum machine, Meslin says you could produce a whole track in real-time, intuitively and quickly. It can give you the ability yo add what you need to complete everything else you need for your live performance arrangements and jams, it’s like having four extra synthesizers.

Each voice has 2 complex digital oscillators that give you control over the waveform morphing. There are also 2 operator linear phase modulation and self sync features with a nice source. A ring modulator is also included with a unique filter we have already talked about. Two advanced LFO’s and 2 ADSR envelopes, a Modulation Matrix that has 8 slots that allow you to animate synthesis parameters. A digital FX unit with a build-in delay and chorus are also included in the unit. Töörö can store up to 100 sound prests and connect 2 line-level unbalance jacks, 2 instrument level jacks, MIDI IN and OUT, a USB port MIDI over USB and a power switch. All of this in an aluminium industrial enclosure whining only 750 grams, quality rubber feet and 12 LEDs.

Image: Fredslab