8-Bit Synth

music production knowledge

UVI has just unveiled a software plug-in that resembles samples from vintage video games and computer. It features 30,000 samples and 376 presets for some crazy lo-fi sound creations. It is a sample-based virtual instrument, lat will give you the retro power to incorporate 80’s video game music into your sound creations in a fun and intuitive way. If you were born in the ’80s this retro plug-in will sound familiar because all the sound samples are based on the games you used to play at home when you were a little kid, starting from the Gameboy, SID Station, Mod Machine, Commodore and some vintage computers.

This virtual instrument is layered in two simple layouts making int easy to combine two samples at the same time letting you create hybrid or mixed tone creations to make it sound more interesting. Getting creative with this little plug-in will come easy to you and will make you travel in time, but it will also make you find sounds that can convey with modern productions. 8-Bit Synth u¡is also packed with more features that will enhance your overall music creation experience. Onboard you will find multimode filters, pitch and stereo controls, amp and filter envelopes and modulation options to go wild.

8-Bit Synth also added UVI’s SparkVerb algorithm reverb, the Thorus Phase modulator which is fantastic, and a three-band EQ to take control over your sound. Last but not least, UVI also added a phase, some delay effects, drive and ensemble to spice it all up. The interface designed to resemble retro gaming consoles from the buttons to the colours in which this plug-in was based. You will instantly feel that you are playing on an Atari but with amplitude and filter parameters on your screen ins sted of space invaders.

Image: UVI