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Eventide has released the Undulator plug-in, a truly unique effect that creates its characteristic rhythmics effect by combining feedback and detuned echos. After this combination, the plug-in transfers the sound through an AM/FM modulated tremolo and depending on how you have set the parameters of the plug-in effect, you can get a pulsating sound, sometimes wobbly or even mangled sound. Giving what we have just mentioned, you could apply Undulator to a wide selection of instruments like guitars, vocals, synths or even strings to get creative sounds out of them.

Undulator comes with its traditional tremolo controls such as depth, intensity, shape and speed, but it also has other controls that can apply specifically unique effects. Spread can be balanced to artfulness the sum of detuning that gets connected, the input can complement delays or be utilized to create forever loops, and the auxiliary LFO handle is utilized to alter the speed at which depth and speed balances. Undulator also features the Ribbon control which is used to smoothly seep between sets of custom parameters. If you have a controller connected through MIDI you could assign the Mod Wheel for some fast and intuitive effect modulations.

This plug-in effect is available to us via VST, AAX and AU formats for both Mac and PC users. There is also an available iOs edition of the plug-in effect that can also work as a standalone, via an AUv3 or inter-app audio effect fro a separate introduction price. Especially for this software Eventide Audio is going to destine 100% of the proceeds to the Equal Justice Initiative and the NAACO legal defence and education fund, which we think is fantastic, giving us the opportunity to get this great plug-in and also to support these courses.

Image: Eventide Audio