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The DrumBrute from Arturia is an all in one analogue drum machine that is made and designed for performance and in-depth editing. With its 17 individual analogue drum percussion instruments paired with an easy to use and function ready sequencer. Also onboard the DrumBrute, you can find a two made Steiner Parker filter, dynamic performance controls and some great connective capabilities, giving you the ability to get your beat production possibilities a great boost.

With DrumBrute you can create fantastic beats that are exciting and packed with energy with the single use of this device. It has a huge sonic potential that is combined with a friendly and smooth workflow, it gives a punchy analogue drum sound with advances 64 step / 64 patterns of sequence choices. DrumeBrute lets you create real and true sonic creations from soft to devastating it is 100% analogue and with the DNA of the Brute synth family you are in for a treat.

This hardware tool sums and combines technical perfection and gives you great advantages for home and studio producers, but also it is a great and exciting playable instrument. So, packed with the beat in your heart and the possibilities that the DrumBrute gives you it will definitely enhance your creative flow with some solid sounds. DrumBrute can also be your creative hub, with its vast connectivity if gives you the chance to the output section of your mix separately and also to connect to existing studios en performance gear via USB, MIDI and I/O.

Thanks to the warm analogue structure that DrumBrute was based upon the sound can be designed and tweaked to your exact taste looking to find the perfect tone and style for your track or mix. It’s like a retro-sounding machine that gives you much more.

Image: Arturia