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The MidiMix is a portable and small high-performance mixer designed and made by Akai Professional. It has the ability and connectivity to work side by side with your preferred Digital Audio Workstation or DAW. It is simple and powerful at the same time, with a single press of a button it will sync with your DAW and letting you make easy and complete control over your mixing and processing of your creative creations on the go. It is a perfect tool for music producers and giving general musicians performance solutions on the go in a small package.

With the MidiMix you can now reduce time lags between layering your mix and then transferring them to your DAW. Thanks to its integration you can now post mix and work on processing and manipulation without the pain of constructing your initial mix. The MidiMix combines a robust quality of components and sound, with cutting edge engineering, including 8 individual line faders and a master fader with 24 control knobs to get hands-on control over your mix. It is Ableton Live ready mapped and yes it is included. Sending all the mixers settings to your DAW with a press of buttons makes it fast and easy to manage and control over all functionalities.

Thanks to Akai and the creation of the MidiMix we can now process our projects in a user-friendly a portable way, giving us a solution that we have been looking for. It is an intuitive platform that offers great mixing capabilities and solid connectivity with major DAWs, paired with the quality that characterizes Akai Professional. The MidiMix is what you are looking for if you are in into finding a solution for greater mixes on a professional level on the go or processing them on site.

Image: Akai