Vocal Mint Compressor

Music Production Plugins

The Vocal Mint Compressor is a one-knob multi-stage compressor made for voice. It is designed to build a complete compression chain of any vocal track with only one movement. The plugin consists of different interesting pre-tuned compressors that include a special analogue like stage that is made to resemble the model of a real valve. This vocal compressor is perfect for radio broadcasters and podcasters. It features 3 non-linear compression stages, smash compressor, valve compressor and the multiband compressor. This sequence helps to arrange and cure all kinds of typical problems related to the human voice.

The subtle tone shaping in this compressor delivers an EQ shaping. with the plugin menu, you can open the panel for additional control such as Zoom option or DBU calibration and more. The latter acts as an operation point setting of the compressors and thus impacts the sufficiency at which the compression begins to be more significant. When set at 0.0 dBFS, the plug-in will compress less than when calibrated say at -24.0 dBFS. Manufacturing plant default setting is -9.0 dBFS.

Most one-knob plugins only work on one parameter or only do one thing. The Vocal Mint Compressor is made to be simply operated but in the backend, there is much more happening. Vocal Mint runs the track through it virtual signal chain to chain and tune a lot of parameters of your voice in since single move. It is made and designed for you to focus on the creative process and not to spend hours behind modify multiple parameters. The system requirements for this plugin are for Mac users OS x 10.9 to OS X 10.15. For Windows users, you will need at least Windows 7 or Windows 10 with the 32/64 bit rate and the same goes for Mac users.

Image: Audified