Multi-Band Compressor

A multi-band compressor is a group of several compressors. Each of these operates on one section of the full audio spectrum. Before delving into its specifics, you must know that compressors are the most important tools in the modern audio era. In short, a compressor is an audio tool that helps alter the dynamic range of a signal. This process occurs by reducing the volume of the louder parts. It can occur, too, by simply amplifying the quieter parts of the sound.

Multi-Band Compressor: an Extended Definition

Now, a multi-band compressor is a particularly useful device that works by splitting the frequency spectrum into a specific number of frequency bands. And it does so by using bandpass filters or crossover filters. After this process ends, each band gets its own compressor to produce threshold, attack, release, ratio, and makeup gain functions. When compressors offer a solo for each band, the player is able to hear and manipulate specific compressions within the frequency spectrum.

Its Uses

Multi-band compressors are extremely helpful for narrow bandwidth signals, as well as with wide frequency signals. Firstly, full bandwidth compressors are ideal for audio signals that are narrow bandwidth. The reason is that, in this case, it affects the complete frequency spectrum, hence there are no inconsistencies. Secondly, when the signal has a wide frequency range, it’s ideal to have a compressor that has diverse settings for different frequency ranges. When this happens, the player can enable effective compression without irregularities.

Multi-band Compressor: How It Works

A multi-band compressor has several controls. The frequency band selector is the part of the compressor that helps pick the frequency ranges for different bands to have a customized over the bandwidth. Each control has a different unique setting, such as attack, release, ratio, threshold, and bypass.

Multi-band Compressor and the Mastering Process

A multi-band compressor is a particularly useful tool within the mastering process. It’s kind of a secret tool that adds a unique flavor to the mix. It is also helpful with drums, for they have a wide frequency spectrum. It is also popular for vocals, as it provides interesting effects. In this instance, it helps alter a specific range of the frequency.

Overall, multi-band compressors can work as dynamic equalizers. This is due to the fact that you can cut down the sibilance within a particular range of frequencies when the signal exceeds a specific threshold.