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Arturia Pigments 3

The Arturia Pigments 3 is a plug-in that brings to you a whole new sonic palette for your music productions and audio projects in a complete and versatile package. At the heart of Pigments lies a match of synth motors, each of which can work in one of four modes: Analogue, Wavetable, Test or, new…
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Neoverb designed by iZotope is an AI intelligent Reverb engine plug-in that is made to aid you with exciting and creative space reverbs for your music productions. This plug-in will give you the tools to intuitively mix reverb into different scenarios and spaces to fit your audio needs. Spare time and take off the trial…
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Vocal Mint Compressor

The Vocal Mint Compressor is a one-knob multi-stage compressor for voice that builds a complete compression chain of any vocal track with only one movement. The plugin consists of different interesting pre-tuned compressors. Each includes a special analog-like stage that resembles the model of a real valve. Particularly, this vocal compressor is perfect for radio…
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IK Multimedia Axe I/O

IK Multimedia Axe I/O is what every emerging musician needs. Think about it: if you’re embarking on music production or home recording these days, you will likely be using a PC or laptop. The picture widens: you’ll need to be taking advantage of the absolute richness of the facilities provided by a modern DAW. For…
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Modulation Effects Part 2

“Modulation Effects Part 2” is a continuation of our first entry on this topic. In particular, modulation effects modify sounds in a peculiar way. Moreover, they can also alter sounds in a dramatic and bizarre manners. Many advanced effects have been available to the public for years, but recently, they’ve gained popularity especially in contemporary…
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Modulation Effects (Part 1)

Modulation effects are a type of audio effect that modify sounds in a peculiar way. You can alter sounds with modulation effects by adding a time-delayed version of the sound itself while varying the size of that delay over time. In general, modulation provides a sense of dimension, motion, and depth. Modulators, also known as control…
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Fuzz Distortion

Fuzz distortion is an audio effect that people typically associate to altering the tone of electric guitars, as well as other musical instruments and audio signals. Fuzz is an electronic distortion element that is capable of changing the whole sonic signature. Often, experts describe the rough sound resulting from it as thick and metallic.  Fuzz…
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Bitcrusher is a type of audio effect that has a low-quality distortion and creates distortion by reducing the resolution or the bandwidth of digital audio data. The sound resulting from the bitcrusher mimics the sounds of metal and sand. It’s worth mentioning that the perceived sounds tend to change according to the use of the…
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Talk Box

Talk box is an audio effect that takes advantage of the human voice. It’s a device that works by taking the unique qualities of the human mouth and vocal tract while lending them to a variety of instruments. A Summary of Human Anatomy: How Do We Talk? In order to understand the basic functions of…
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Prismizer is an audio effect that combines the words prism and harmonizer to form its name. The prismizer’s polyharmonic pitch offers saturation similar to the dispersion of light to a prism. The prismizer is capable of combining pitch and frequency characteristics from multiple sources, and it is typically focused to the processing of the human…
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