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Neoverb designed by iZotope is an AI intelligent Reverb engine plug-in that is made to aid you with exciting and creative space reverbs for your music productions. This plug-in will give you the tools to intuitively mix reverb into different scenarios and spaces to fit your audio needs. Spare time and take off the trial and mistake behind and plan special spaces for vocals and instruments in seconds, without muddying the mix.

A modern real-time Reverb Partner guides you in selecting and mixing reverbs concurring with your inventive needs. An AI-powered EQ area tunes in to your sound and helps you maintain a strategic distance from mud, and masking. Investigate a profound Progressed panel and handfuls of presets for vocals and instruments, and include your individual touch.

Whether you’re a modern producer sharpening you’re craft, or an experienced producer on your most recent project, Neoverb will assist you to get to an extraordinary reverb sound in less time. Neoverb is fueled by Exponential Audio’s popular reverb motors. Motivated by classic studio equipment, Exponential Sound reverbs are cherished for their high-quality calculations and reasonable room sounds. Combine best-in-class sound quality with iZotope’s intuitive workflow, and you’ve got a reverb plug-in prepared to handle any mix.

iZotope Neoverb’s imaginative Mix Cushion gets you further, quicker by making a difference you mix three distinctive sorts of reverbs at once, to form an interesting reverb tail that fits your track. Get an awesome reverb for any track, with a simple four-step Right hand that alters iZotope Neoverb’s settings in genuine time. Make complex, customized reverbs, without investing time in menus. iZotope Neoverb’s Reverb EQ makes a difference keep your reverb clean and beneath control within the mix, with AI-powered Unmasking that tunes in and unmask your dry signal, giving a clean proficient sound.

Image: iZotope