Arturia Pigments 3

The Arturia Pigments 3 is a plug-in that brings to you a whole new sonic palette for your music productions and audio projects in a complete and versatile package. At the heart of Pigments lies a match of synth motors, each of which can work in one of four modes: Analogue, Wavetable, Test or, new in Colors 3, Consonant. The primary of these could be an effective three-oscillator virtual simple synth with FM and difficult adjust capabilities. It moreover sports a clamour generator that can mix easily through three distinctive colours of clamour and be utilized as an FM source for the oscillators.

Wavetable is (no prizes for speculating) a wavetable synthesizer, and this has gotten an extra bank of 64 wavetables in this unused form, centring on metallic textures. In Test mode, a Pigments motor can stack up to six diverse tests, which you’ll trigger based on key run, speed exchanging, round-robin, user choice, or fair haphazardly. Moreover, the motor permits the adjustment of the samples’ begin, conclusion and circle focuses, and highlights a granular blend mode, culminating for making complex, always advancing cushions and surfaces.

At long last, the all-new Consonant mode, which produces its sound utilizing added substance union. In spite of the fact that infamous for being troublesome to work with, Arturia’s take on added substance synthesis is amazingly simple to utilize and can be magnificently expressive. Key to this can be the Consonant oscillator’s Range area that engraves distinctive designs of sufficiency variety on the oscillator’s partials (of which it can create up to 512), thereby reshaping the oscillator’s ghostly profile. You’ll be able moreover to control the panning of the odd and indeed partials to form a few one of a kind stereo oscillator effects.

Image: Arturia