Analog Lab V

music production knowledge

With Analog Lab V from Arturia, you can create, perform and produce with this powerful plug/in that makes it easy to combine a huge array of famous presets and timeless instruments. It has a simple platform that will let you access the controls fast in combination with a flawless integration all in a single interface. The Analog Lab V enables you to get immediate creativity with hands-on access to iconic synths and keyboard sounds that are integrated from the fantastic V Collection from Arturia.

Included in this plug-in are a huge collection of vintage and modern presets that can be accessed from the filter browser. Unlock sounds from the past that have been emulated from instruments completely redesigned and adapted to this software. Some of these instruments are analogue pads, soulful organs and razor-sharp synth bass, based on different eras, genres and styles to suit your creative needs. The Analog Lab V has been made and designed to enhance your creative spirit and not to make it a hassle.

With Parameter Mapping, you can shape and tweak your sound in a fast and intuitive way. With the browsing page, you can navigate through all your sounds for a quick an easy application. The Analog Lab V has a simple controller integration as well as an easy setup to most MIDI controllers for a hands-on experience and the expansion of your creative workflow. Three simple effective interface views are there for you to access the studio views, library view and the stage view prepared for stage performance.

The Analog Lab V has a vast sonic pallet and library that spans more than 2000 presets and patches, that have been designed by top-notch sound designers that bring back the warm sounds of the past and the sounds of the present.

Image: Arturia