Vocoder V

music production hardware

The Vocoder V is a voice electrifier software plug-in from Arturia. It is a recreation of the iconic 16-band vocoder with some great added features and functionalities that span from synth, sampler and modulation capabilities. The Vocoder V is not a simple vocoder, it is unlike any other vocoder thanks to the combination of added features it enables you to fin new voice-transforming zones and creative possibilities. It is not limited to voice giving that if you don’t want to sing you can use its dedicated samples to process whatever sounds you come across, its wonderful combination of functions might make it the sonic tool you have been looking for.

Going back into the history of vocoders, it was originally invented as a way to process and analyze the human voice. It is used to conserve the bandwidth of the voice and encrypt radio transmissions, even used in the military. It was back in the ’70s until someone thought it might be interesting to apply it to music-making and the potential it can have for musicians. After a while vocoders started to pop into the music scene with some creative applications like vocals that sounded like a synth and they even processed instruments instead of voice produces some crazy harmonics and texture sounds.

With the Vocoder V, you can turn your vocal inputs to analogue baselines, if you have drum loops, make them synth chords with sequences and even turn ambient sound into harmonic drones, there is much to do with this particular plug-in. Vocoder V gives you balance between carrier and modular volume, it can adjust the attack and release times for all bands, it can individually control your frequency levels in each band, and shift up and down the entire range.

Image: Arturia