Chorus Dimension – D

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The Chorus Dimension – D is an instant stereo shimmer that recreates smooth analogue chorus with a touch of rich stereo to enhance at the touch of a single button, giving results that are inspired by the famous vintage hardware classic. Giving its far and wide dimensions the Chorus – D software has been modelled after an effects unit that has been passed for a long time, the Roland Dimension D. Know you have the chance to use this particular effect each in your mix with the same character and texture that the original hardware unit earned its legacy.

You can explore simple yet powerful combinations with its 4 dimension mode buttons, looking for depth variation to claim some seriously beautiful chorus applications. The Spatial enhancer will widen vocals a will sparkle your guitar parts in a wide stereo field that aims for sonic space. The Dynamic colour is a BBD Warmth selector that features bucket bridge device circuitry replication, this will give your audio the sunning warmth and the subtle saturation you are looking for. The Chorus Dimension -D also ca some advanced controls to tweak the LFO shape, look for BBD compression and the overall stereo width.

Thanks to the BBD architecture and the delicate compression and expansion the original Dimension D introduced in the late 70’s we get a unique stereo sound that is wet/dray cross mix. The reconstruction from Arturia has been carefully executed with this marvellous plugin the is made component by component and enhanced to perform flawlessly in your virtual studio. In addition, you can choose from 4 additional oscillators and an emulated send mode with mix control options. Make sure to have the required specifications before you instal them.

Image: Arturia