Flager BL-20

music production knowledge

The beloved Flanger BL-20 effect has now been reproduced by Arturia in a superb new software plug-in as an advanced modulation powerhouse. The reproduction has not been made as a complete imitation of the original hardware, it has added features that make this plug-in much more interesting and captivating. The unpredictability and the familiar jet engine effect makes you enter an endless modulation zone that will excite your creativity and enhance your overall music production results. Enter a new world of modulation effects with this great production tool.

The mysterious complexity of the Flanger BL-20 hardware unit makes sound so hypnotic and radical and this complexity and creativity have been perfectly transposed and achieved by Arturia with this plug-in. Toggle and mix various modulation sources, manipulate LFO shape and the overall stereo spread and submerge harmonic sweeps. The Flager BL-20 is not your typical analogue emulation, it is much more than that.

The Flanger BL-20 is equipped with 3 modulation sources, LFO, ENV or Manual with a combinations of sounds you have never heard before. The stereo enhancer can be operated in mono or stereo mode, which can also be manipulated and modulated for some wide sonic presence. The Zero Crossing feature presents the classic deep flange sound, characteristic to apply a little bit of delay to dry signals and doubling back.

Flanger BL-20 uses authentic bucket bridge device circuitry emulation giving a marvellous BBD warmth to your sounds. Also on board, you will find Advance Controls to tweak and shape sound, pigments and stereo spread can also be generated with cutting edge technology. Find a curated list of 28 presets that will give you instant access to an array of energetic movements and obviously som brilliant analogue flanger.

Image: Arturia