Mellotron V

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The Mellotron V is a legendary tape keyboard that made its debut back in the ’60s, today Arturia has recreated this masterpiece in a faithfully modelled representation with some modifications that will infuse your sound and will definitely give it character with its vintage richness. In the 60s, the Mellotron excited keyboardists with the capacity to play tape-based recordings of genuine symphonic instruments adding its possess peculiar sonic character. Whether you’re making classic sounds or new ones, including this vintage sound to your music with Mellotron V is beyond any doubt will make people sit up.

There are quite a lot of Mellotron tests out within the world, but why halt thereafter you can associate with a full-on show of the genuine thing? Thanks to Arturia’s award-winning modeling tech found all through V Collection 7, They have given you full control to change each viewpoint of your sound, counting variable instrument blend combos, tape shudder, immersion and inborn clamour.

Mellotron V is boundlessly more adaptable than the original hardware. Stack any instrument sounds you need from the included top-notch library into the three tape tracks in any combination you need. Dial within the blend between any two adjoining tracks, or utilize the mod wheel to perform crossfades over all three. You’ll indeed set up parts and layers total with numerous instruments on each track.

Midi wasn’t even on the radar back when Mellotron was on stage. Not as it were can you play our virtual instrument from any MIDI console, sequencer or DAW, Arturia has included a standard MIDI Learn to function as well. For starters, they have also mapped the A/B/C track selector to the mod wheel to create it simple to perform selections and fades. Include more expression to your exhibitions by mapping this and other Mellotron V controls to any MIDI CC controllers you would like.

Image: Arturia