Multiband Dynamics

Multiband dynamics is a special audio processing tool that is essential for mixing, mastering, and sound design. Multiband dynamics is a plugin that enables the user to add clarity, warmth, and punch to mixes. The multi-band dynamics plugin offers a maximum level without losing dynamics and it allows the user to achieve broad equalization with high precision. This plugin is capable of shaping the sound quality of a mix by running it through a three-band crossover and adding compression in each frequency range before it reaches a limiter. The multi-band dynamics tool is quite helpful for mixing and mastering engineers, as well as for sound designers. 

As mentioned before, the multiband dynamics tool adds compression to a mix. Multiband compression is capable of dividing the frequency spectrum into different segments. Each segment can have its own unique compression settings, allowing a longer attack time for the low band to punch through while maintaining a shorter attack time in higher bands. It’s worth mentioning that when a multiband compressor is used, the musician can adapt the compression to the different components involved in a mix. 

Some multiband compressors have a feature that allows the user to focus on one band at a time, which can be quite useful because it tells the producer exactly what each band contains when setting the crossover frequencies. This is also useful when setting attack and release times since it ensures that the transients in each band are shaped as they need to be. Multiband compression is very effective at shaping and controlling mixes. 

Compressors allow users to process audio in many different ways. Compressors offer control and they help balance the dynamics of a performance, since they are able to make quiet parts sound louder, and louder parts sound quieter. Some multiband compressors offer saturation with harmonic generation. 

As a final note, it’s worth mentioning that compressors are essential to any mix, and they are an integral part of the mixing and mastering process.