RAMSES by XILS Lab is a rhythm motion multi-effects plugin that will ignite any signal with rhythm and motion. This plug-in will also add some incredible stereo depth and space to your sound or can re-shape it with some nice features and effects. Ramses incorporates tons of presets to induce you to get started. Grid-Masks Combos and RITA Live module too have their own dedicated layouts, and you’ll be able to spare your own. Require moment motivation? Utilize the Random button, and create heaps of rhythmic designs in a streak.

A straightforward case: In RAMSES, each Mask-Step can re-trigger one LFO, whereas this LFO can control the Decay of the filter envelope, and the channel CutOff as well. You may still control the output level of this LFO with the Mod Wheel, whereas controlling its rate with the Pitch Bend and more. With this plug-in, you will be able to go far. This plug-in can basically do the following: auto-pan, auto-wah, tremolos, trance gate, filter gates, turn pad to rhythms, all with dynamic control. Blend modern automodulations designs with genuine-time playing control. On the fly Re-Creation of drum loops, or loops of any instrument.

Add up to Space control: Stereo Width, Adjust, Pick up. Change a straightforward oscillator into a simple synthesizer. Complex Grooves and Rearranges bypassing the inflexible character of Step Sequencers Cover Innovation. Up to 4 bars long polyrhythmic designs. Dubbyfy any approaching sound fabric Shower Delay. Include shinning and immaculate hint to approaching signal in an energetic way Channels autoOscillating in all modes. Construct extraordinary groupings with the most noteworthy level of control. The minimum requirements to use RAMSES are 1 GB of ram and a 1 GHz CPU processor minimum, remember that this plug-in is not a standalone application.

Image: XILS Lab