CrushShaper by Cableguys is a creative bit crusher plug-in that has been designed and created to inspire you to create out of the ordinarily sounds with its LFO’s and envelopes. Combine 3 unmistakable bit-crushing styles: Crunch for fuzz, grind and grit. Bits to diminish sound determination, going 8-bit and past. Resample for computerized suggestions and lo-fi retro sound. Invigorate each with it possesses custom LFO and envelope supporter, at that point channel and layer with the dry flag utilizing the helpful FX Mix area.

From easily gliding sample rate diminishment to strongly stepped twisting designs, any design or wave shape you’ll envision is just clicks away with Cableguys’ celebrated wave-editing devices. Bolt your LFOs to have beat with sample accuracy, or trigger in any beat with MIDI notes. Planning the culminate bit-crushing LFO is quick and straightforward with three effective, easy-to-grasp Pens. Draw fresh lines, smooth curves and streaming S-curves. Effectively choose out single hits in a circle, and quickly outline wild cadenced groupings. Switch back to classic single-node altering anytime.

Find dynamic bit-crushing that responds to your beats, loops, songs – anything. Utilize CrushShaper’s adaptable envelope adherents to decrease the sample rate with the transitory of each note. Lower the bit-depth as synths develop louder. Trigger from other tracks in your project utilizing sidechain directing. With up to three groups that are exceedingly focused on bit crushing, CrushShaper becomes a mind-blowing mix device and an even crazier imaginative play area. Include sizzling top-end discuss for ultra-modern sounds that jump from the mix. Rhythmic midrange with permeating bit designs. Crush the bass with gnarly resampling.

Ignite your pastion with handfuls of LFO wave presets for you to use, and share patches with others with the cool Preset Cloud. Up your workflow with 1-click Fast Presets for generation basics like snare enhancement, rhythmic stutters, and more. Just include the plugin, tap and make it happen.

Image: CableGuys