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Devastator is an all in one Bitcrusher designed by NoiseAsh. This plug-in is not your average bit crusher. Its improvements give you all the common features used to get lo-fi distortion with audio resolution degradation. You can get unique sounds to shape your tracks in a devastating and powerful way with this plug-in. Its straightforward…
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CrushShaper by Cableguys is a creative bit crusher plug-in that has been designed and created to inspire you to create out of the ordinarily sounds with its LFO’s and envelopes. Combine 3 unmistakable bit-crushing styles: Crunch for fuzz, grind and grit. Bits to diminish sound determination, going 8-bit and past. Resample for computerized suggestions and…
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Bitcrusher is a type of audio effect that has a low-quality distortion and creates distortion by reducing the resolution or the bandwidth of digital audio data. The sound resulting from the bitcrusher mimics the sounds of metal and sand. It’s worth mentioning that the perceived sounds tend to change according to the use of the…
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