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Devastator is an all in one Bitcrusher designed by NoiseAsh. This plug-in is not your average bit crusher. Its improvements give you all the common features used to get lo-fi distortion with audio resolution degradation. You can get unique sounds to shape your tracks in a devastating and powerful way with this plug-in. Its straightforward interface lets you create and control low resolution audio with bit crushing sound. This way you can apply a personal sonic character to you mixes.

You can get instant results with a single knob on this plug-in. Its sleek design will significantly shape your sound in a different tone as you mix your tracks. Thanks to its FX engine, you can use it on any sound source or even on the whole mix. The Devastator can create transition effects, intros, and outros to add tone deformation to your tracks. It can even work as a classic SID chip emulation effect. Use it to distort drums, guitars, and any other instrument.

Devastator provides a vintage analogue saturation sound and is particularly special on distortion algorithms. The Devastator lends you a helping hand with its low and high shelf solid-state EQ, as well as its low and high pass filters. With its simple controls let you find infinite sonic possibilities to enhance your tracks. It is worth noting, however, that Cubase 5 is not supported on this plug-in. Mac and PC require Inter i3 or above for a better performance. VST/AU and AAXX host are compatible.

Image: Noise Ash