Rev Spring-636

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Was originally invented to add space to the sound that the Hammond Organs emitted, this was way back in the 30s. The design of the original Grampian 636 is made from a suspended spring inside of a tank and the sound is passed through the spring and picked up again to blend it back into the original sound. Pretty simple right? Well, it may sound simple, but in fact, there is much more to it than that, and in this location, Arturia has made this core software unit based on the original Grampian spring reverb.

Spring reverbs have been so popular for almost over a century now, and this is because every single unit has its own and unique tonal character. Arturia has made the recreation of the original hardware unit with its already known TAE modelling technology and has captured the heart and soul of this marvellous analogue hardware masterpiece, they have also studied the physical nature of the reverb and how it reacts to resonance. Arturia has made such a great work merging its audio techniques and modelling technology to create what could be the best sounding reverb software.

The software features the vibrant spring tanks emulation that packs multiple spring reverb units in on a single software effect. The iconic sound and the Germanium drive give it a super crunchy input that will let your sound drive through some extra hard and distorted tone. It also features 2 preamp types with their own character, 8 swappable spring tanks, a pre-delay, multimode pre-filter and a parametric EQ. All of this with their independent input and output gain link switches and a great set of presets to use.

Image: Arturia