Rev Plate -140

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Before going into detail, it is necessary to go back in time to understand where does this particular technology comes from. The original EMT 140 at its time was a complete technological breakthrough being the first plate remember in the world. It was much brighter and versatile than spring reverbs at the time and became a great weapon in various top-notch studios. The original EMT 140 was a serious investment costing as much as a house and weighing as much as 3 or 4 people. Arturia travelled the world to find the EMT in perfect condition and modelled it, as well as two other great plate reverbs, which are all onboard the Rev Plate-140.

Arturia managed to recreate and circuit accurate emulation of the iconic EMT and its vacuum tube preamp. The result is a silky smooth, resonant and vintage tone that will give a vocal performance and drums some sweet and bright overtones that are characteristic of the original hardware device. Its legendary sound has ben replicated even with an evolving decay that happens every single time, a mix ready clarity that adjusts plates and effective controls to get the exact reverb you are looking for and the length for your track or mix. The Rev Plate has some futuristic features like the integrated chorus with pre-filtering and post reverb EQ.

Control your signal and sound with the modelled preamp also giving you the power you want with that characteristic dirt at the end if you need it. Adjust reverb decay with plate models. Mix and control, add width and perfect your wet and dry balance to get the perfect reverb sound. With the Pre-delay and prefiltering, you can select how fast and where you want to start your reverb, add some rich chorus and use the 3 bands EQ to top it off.

Image: Arturia