Native Instruments TRK-01

music production software

Native Instruments’ TRK-01 synth gives you the tools to create killer kicks and bass to enhance your sounds. This synthesizer packs the necessary tools for anyone who wishes to enhance their musical production. It comes in an intuitive sequencing modulation which grants optimal preference features that can be controlled with via MIDI. This pack is an exciting feature for any electronic music producer looking to add fresh, hard kicks and bass to their music productions. It includes the fundamental low-end forms that are the foundations for all electronic music.

The TRK-01 is a blends classing mixing techniques with modern sound design. The cherry on top is its pinch-mo sequencing and modulation. The kick module’s design makes it easy, expressive and fun to use. It relies on the combination of two powerful sound layers. The first layer is made from samples, whereas the other is synth base. Each and every one of the layers has a drive and multi-mode filter to blend both types of sounds. After this process, you can use the effects rack, the envelopes, or the sequencer modulation. You can set this part to autopilot on a master tune setting to avoid frequency clashes.

The bass module effect offers vast expressive freedom. It has 5 optional synth engines that give you the possibility to create anything ranging from super-saws to sin-subs. This innovative module will let you apply creative side-chain style effects EQ, FX sens, and effect insets and parameters. The step sequencer offers vast control and is far from a traditional sequencer. You can control all aspects and it can get really interesting with the step modulation controls. TRK-01 also offers tailored processing effects for some good sound-shaping techniques. All in all, this synthesizer offers everything you need to get creative with you mixes!

Image: Native Instruments