Maximal 2

music production knowledge

Maximal 2 is a loudness maximizer that features an advanced lookahead peak limiter and an analogue modelled saturation unit. Designed by Venomode, this plug-in features a multi-stage limiter with automatic makeup gain, and an adaptive and responsive release feature. With this unit you can smoothly play with your audio peak and increase audio levels as a whole. The plug-in is equipped has analogue perks like a modelled tape and tube saturation mode. Furthermore, these come without the unnecessary high-frequency roll-off, wow and flutter.

Maximal 2 suits different needs

You can use the Maximal 2 differently to suit different needs. Its adaptive release tech sets the limiter to a fast and loud approach, or to work slowly and transparent. Both features are included in the unit, so you don’t need to install anything. Just select them and Maximal 2 will do the rest. Another great feature included in this plug-in is the advanced lookahead detection algorithm. It makes this unit more efficient than others because it reacts to incoming audio naturally and not post.

There is an intelligent release feature that uses a multi-stage envelope to deliver smooth control over other limiters. It helps you get out of the “pumping” area you can find yourself in with other limiters. Maximal 2 can be clear and limiting thanks to its advanced and modern characteristics. However, you can also explore the goodies from the past to find juicy analogue warmth with tape mode. With tube mode you can add a little bit of grit, whereas loud mode will add a soft clipper before the limiter to add more dB with a clear sound result.

This plug-in works on any DAW that can run on VST, VST3 or AU. We recommend always tray the demo first to see if it works properly before buying.

Image: Venomode