Weiss MM-1

Find the end of the proficient mix maximizing with MM-1 Mastering Maximizer. Based on the regarded and crucial DS1-MK3, MM-1 lets you easily accomplish a bona fide, cleaned Weiss acing sound with the most noteworthy level of din you desire. Featuring the same calculations as DS1-MK3—plus an easy-to-use fashion selector, a shrewdly sum handle, and a side menu to guarantee that your extension is prepared for any platform MM-1 gives you the ideal sum of a specialist over the feel of your aces whereas keeping the method delightfully basic. Get the levels up without relinquishing your sound with MM-1 Mastering Maximizer.

Reach max mastering sound with negligible tweaking. Select any one of MM-1’s five restricting styles from Straightforward to Deess and after that utilize the amount handle to dial within the proportion of processing characterized by that fashion. With Transparent, you’ll be able to hold as much of the first drifters and flow as conceivable whereas centring on including inconspicuous compression that takes off the room to bring up RMS. The Boisterous setting lets you centre on keeping up headroom for the limiter to reach for a better RMS. Punch includes weight and brings out transitory fabric for an energetic-feeling mix. Wide permits you to make a three-dimensional sound by broadening the drums, backing instruments, or the complete blend. And, to smooth out frequencies that may something else be unforgiving, basically, send Deess.

Secure your mix’s spot on any and each organizes with MM-1 Mastering Maximizer. With MM-1’s side menu you’ll be able right away and easily select common dBFS measures guaranteeing that your mix is displayed with the correct headroom for an assortment of groups. Utilize the side menu to create quick alterations to the output dBFS from zero to -1.0 and ensure that your restricting conveys a wrapped up item that’s congruous with YouTube, Spotify, physical spaces, and each stage in between.

Image: Softube