4ms PEG

A long-awaited expansion to the Softube Modular platform, the 4ms Pingable Envelope Generator opens up a tremendous cluster of conceivable outcomes past the fundamental ADSR envelope generator included within the centre Secluded package. Two free envelope generators can be ‘pinged’ by outside sources – your DAW clock, for illustration – to characterize the cycle length of the envelope(s) and produce cadenced impacts and intelligent never some time recently conceivable in Measured. Include to this the broad alternatives for forming those envelopes, and multiplying or partitioning their cycle length, and you have got a module that not as it were extends but detonates the musical capabilities of your Measured framework.

In genuine West Coast synth fashion, their modules are at once inventive and well-thought-out, smart and utilitarian, fun and purposefulness. And the PEG is no special case. Its appealing, colourful faceplate covers up a capable concept, and its controls and patch points combine to create almost boundless conceivable outcomes. This can be really one of the foremost flexible modules in Secluded – it can indeed be utilized as a sound source on the off chance that pinged rapidly.

Completely authorized and supported by 4ms, the PEG extends your imaginative skyline. Make insane polyrhythms for percussive clicks and beeps, or coordinate the flexible wobble of a dubstep bassline to the rhythm of your track with ease. Multiply the pinged beat of each channel to fit two, three, four or more envelope cycles into each beat, or partition to produce longer cycles that still acclimate to your pinged beat. And send the envelope produced by one side to CV to tweak the parameters of the other. This module is phenomenal for fun experimentation and regularly comes about in upbeat mishaps and inventive motivation.

Image: Softube