Buchla 259e

With the 259e, the reply is beautiful turned. A pined for double oscillator module presently accessible for Softube Measured, Buchla 259e Bent Waveform Generator is the first-ever authoritatively authorized plug-in form of a Buchla item. Whereas the unit can be utilized for conventional synth patches, its abnormal inward workings make Buchla 259e exceed expectations at metallic, cold, cruel, advanced and shrieking sounds.

The 259e comprises of two isolated oscillators Central and Balance where Balance can be utilized either to balance the Vital oscillator or as an isolated generator capable of being heard notes. Besides, the sine wave created by the Foremost oscillator is at the same time connected to two of the eight accessible waveshape tables. A transform voltage dish between the two tables and a twist voltage changes the sufficiency of the sinusoidal (driving) waveform. Both these capacities can be tweaked by the Tweak oscillator.

Three of the waveshape tables are really not tables within the classical sense they are essentially parcels of the 259e working program, full of erratic noise and frequent quiets. This is often the inventive Mem Skew mode, conceivably the foremost one of a kind highlight of the Buchla 259e. When these tables are chosen, the FM controls are re-assigned to table filtering capacities and the FM inputs are gotten to be table modulators.

To entirety it up, whereas the Buchla 259e can certainly be utilized for more conventional sounds, it exceeds expectations at making otherworldly turned computerized sonic scenes. This is why it is one of the foremost pined for synth modules on the advertisement.

Image: Softube