Playlist Push

Playlist Push is a music pitching service that helps independent artists boost their music careers through getting them discovered and heard. As its name suggests, it connects independent musicians with playlist curators. In general, it offers amazing and helpful services that empower independent artists worldwide. What it does is to provide broad connections with independent music curators who manage playlists on several streaming services. For example, think of Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music.

Playlist Push: Less Effort, More Results 

Playlist Push encourages independent artists to submit their music masterpieces while they manage to do the rest of the grunt work. Moreover, it allows independent musicians to focus on their most important task: create music. The service sends the received tracks to a select group of playlist curators who are capable of reviewing the material for playlist consideration. And its design works for all music genres.

Tools and Strategies

Playlist Push offers amazing tools and strategies that are extremely useful for every independent artists out there. For example, it gives a detailed report so that musicians take control over the reach of their creations. Plus, it offers detailed stats and data regarding followers and popularity of each song.

Playlist Push: Still Going Strong 

Playlist Push has a wide array of curators that continues to grow as the days go by. This transparent and streamlined process has helped connect artists and curators worldwide. Furthermore, it has overcome the most difficult barriers. Therefore, it has given amazing opportunities to independent artists. Overall, it helps artists distribute their music as they increase their streams and fanbase.

Final Notes

Playlist Push offers extremely useful feedback for both independent musicians and curators. In addition, it provides astonishing customer service. Moreover, it offers constructive reviews that help independent artists boost their music careers and achieve their professional goals. However, as with anything, there’s a downside: it is a quite expensive service for independent artists running on a low budget.