Music Marketing: ABCs

Music marketing is the art of promoting your content according to strategies that focus on social media. As you can see from all our entries, especially those about current instruments and aids, technology has produced a lot of advancements in the music industry. And this fact applies to the social arena, too. 

Ben Rossman: the ABCs of Music Marketing

Ben Rossman, as an artist himself, began wondering how to convert the creative energy of a musician into something profitable.  In 2018, when he had just barely graduated, he offered advice for those emerging creators. At this time, he had already begun a music booking agency, working with startup artists. The advice consisted on explaining, in a simple ABC fashion, what every person building a music business needs to know in regards to music marketing.  

A is for Audience

Accoding to Rossman, the first thing an emerging artist must do is choose their audience. That is, you should figure out who are the people who will disseminate the message you portray in your music. Musicians must take advantage of social media analytics: they show us everything you need to know about your audience.

B is for Branding

The most important aspect for an emerging artist. Rossman defines it as “the overall story.” In other words, it is the music marketing goal. For this, it is crucial to be consistent and authentic. If you, as an artist, know what you wish to achieve with your music, then you display it as the core of your business. And do not forget that sharing this core, your purpose, needs to be reflected in the humanity with which you interact with your followers. Show them you’re a real person

C is for Content

Hand in hand with branding, there is content. As mentioned before, your feed must be consistent (and, in turn, be congruent within your brand). Consistency must be displayed and worked-out not only in terms of your goal as an artist (the aforementioned branding), but also in terms of your demographics (your audience). This, too, is crucial for the social platform of your selection.

First Approach to Music Marketing: Conclusions

Rossman speaks from the perspective of one who knows the struggle of becoming a twenty-first century independent artist. Most importantly, however, is that he addresses his fellow musicians to provide the basics for their own projects and their growth. His ABCs on music marketing serve as the foundation for anyone who’s striving for success in this industry.