music production knowledge

The Arturia MicroBrute is a small but powerful music production hardware tool. It may be small in size but it packs a massive sound, loaded with mixable waveforms, a sub-oscillator and the famous Steiner-parker multimode filter. It also has a fast envelope with sync-able LFO, a precharged sequencer and payable capabilities, it is a real powerhouse in a compact and with a rather modest price tag. The MicroBrute is as real as it can get, with the heritage from its big brother the MiniBrute, pure analogue design and quality are packed into this little bad boy.

Arturia mentions that this synth is hands-on heaven for pro users and newbies. It has such a characteristic sound that takes you back to the analogue warm sounding vibes but without just being a retro-clone. It has no presets, no menus and nothing that guest in-between, just you and the synth ready to sculpt your sound in a unique and original way every time you use it.

With the MicroBrute you get great possibilities to process audio and in combination with you DAW you can make whole tracks from start to finish, perform live acts and play along with other hardware companions. It may be small in size but it has huge potential. Playing a synthesizer is more than just playing some notes to some software presets on your computer, with the MicroBrute you get the real thing, like a massive oscillator, the Steiner Parker filter, a modulation matrix for some serious possibilities, a sequencer, a super-fast envelope and a sync-able LFO. Al this together with some VCO dine tuning, CV/Gate in and out, audio in and out just like vintage gear and a USB connection yo get in touch with your DAW or to use as a master keyboard.

Image: Arturia