Komplete Kontrol M32

music production knowledge

The Kontrol M32 is the smallest keyboard from Native Instruments, but it has a big load of features and functions that are great for music production and music-making. It has 32 keys that have a great feeling to them when playing and them being 32, it also makes this keyboard compact enough to carry around but still great enough to boost your creativity and expression. This keyboard can give you plenty of control with the right software with seamless integration to control your instruments, effects, samples and loops directly from the keyboard.

You can play chord progressions and arpeggios and stay in key with over 100 scales and mode, or play smarter bye mapping any scale to white keys only. With the controls over the M32, you can control your DAW with several super useful buttons like play and pause, record, set tempo, quantize and more. On the M32 you have onboard finger pulse strips to add expression to music like with pitch mod wheels. To make navigation easy on your session the keyboard has a four-directional push encoder and pre-mapped eight touch-sensitive knobs to tweak your plug-ins.

The Kontrol M32 is travel and performance-ready, it has been specifically made and designed with the nomad music producer in mind and features durable and robust components to withstand your daily routine. The Kontrol M32 comes with software included and is loaded with more than 6100 sound and more than 10GB of included content. The Komplete Kontrol M32 comes with all you need to start your music-making journey and get hands-on with powerful production software drums, pianos and super dynamic synths.

A light version of Ableton Live 10. also comes bundled with all the essential workflows, instruments and effects that will make it absolutely ready to start making and recording music.

Image: Native Instruments