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Tremolator is a Rhythmic Amplitude Modulation plug-in that features tremolo and auto-gate. It is a great tool for analogue guitar tremolo effects which is a classic effect that emulates the original hardware, just like the Fender Vibrolux guitar amp and also the Wurlitzer electric piano. Soundtoys have gone through all the secrets behind the hardware test equipment to test and analyze its waveforms and with the use of their custom LFO waveshape editor, they recreated them perfectly.

Tremolator is exceptionally interesting when you see the shapes and see why each of these vintage pieces contains a special sound. You can pass it through the analogue mode, which imitates going in and out of a bit of analogue equipment, and you’ve got all the pieces of an extraordinary sounding tremolo. The auto gate mania consists of switching some since and smooth tremolo waveforms on to a sharp squarewave making it a monster auto-gate, Locking it into MIDI with the flip switch and then you can select the 1/8th notes and 16th notes.

In the menu, you will also find some sweet dynamics controls to tweak parameters like speed and the depth of the modulation. Creating speed up or speed does and the loudness of them comes easy with the controls menu. It is also feasible to create increases in-depth as the chords begin to fade out. To make thing a little more practice you can find some great presets in the Dynamics folder that can be easily loaded and ready to tweak with your own preferences.

It is a tremolo that has gone beyond your average tremolo, with this plug-in you will find nothing conventional. Its retro sounds repertoire and its additional features will make a perfect tool in your creative library of mind-bending sound possibilities.

Image: Soundtoys