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The PrimalTab is a plug-in like no other, it is a retro delay unit with freeze. It is a modelled retro dual delay plug-in with a freeze button for lo-fi pitch warped loops and delays. If you are looking for an 80s character delay tools that are responsive to tweaking and superlative sounds, this plug-in is for you. Emulating a re-imagined version and with much more features the PrimeTab is inspired in the original Prime Time delay, which happens to be a classic powerful performer with some really nice sound design capabilities.

PrimalTab is a hybrid of analogue and digital goodness with a lot of tweakability and control over parameters that make this tool super creative and full of possibilities. On PrimalTab interface you will instantly find the multiply knob, which controls the delay time x2 and 1/2 the sample rate with each rotary turn. This is a simple yet powerful modulation knob that combines with VCO modulation you can get some really wild sounds.

Modulate PrimalTab like you would on the original hardware. The interface includes a VCO section that can add variation and motion yo echoes, or create chorused effects and tape like flagging. With this section of the interface, you have vast modulation capabilities that can also be automated or modified manually. The Freeze button will grab a slice of incoming audio, you can loop it, sync it to tempo and choose the length, but real madness comes when you start to adjust the time.

PrimeTab dues have a new direction to what the original hardware was based int but it des emulate the original hardware. With its added features and enhancements you are really into a treat of sound and time with this particular plug-in interface.

Image: Soundtoys