Kaoss Pad Quad

In 1998, the first-generation Kaoss Pad detonated onto the DJ/music scene with touchpad-based effects control. Since that point, the overpowering acknowledgement and notoriety of the X-Y touchpad is obvious in numerous Korg items. Kaoss Pad effects, the Kaossilator Series, padKONTROL, and nano pad controllers are prominent in the scene. To this, they include the Kaoss Pad Quad, with unused effects, capacities, and highlights.

Kaoss Pad Quad Quack quack quack

Like its name says, the new Kaoss Pad lets you utilize up to four effects at the same time. These effects can be synced to the beat of your music, to openly change your melody in real-time. It can handle any sound source. From an MP3 player, a mixing board, an instrument, even vocals by means of the mic input! The expressive execution potential that emerges from the Kaoss Pad Quad approaches the domain of an “instrument”. The brilliant and colourful Driven touchpad brightening includes a solid sense of distinction. This is thanks to the advance upgrade of the Kaoss Pad Quad’s special character.

For each of the four effect modules, there’s a Freeze button that memorizes the position at which you’re touching the touchpad, causing that effect to be held indeed after you discharge your finger. In the event that you touch the touchpad once more whereas Solidify is empowered, as it were the“unfrozen” effects will be controlled. You’ll be able to accomplish even higher levels of execution opportunity by utilizing the four Solidify buttons in conjunction with the effect sort buttons.

There is a proprietary Auto BPM motor that consequently recognizes the tempo/BPM (Beats Per Miniature) of the melody that’s playing or the sound source. Using this work permits BPM effects such as delay to stay in adjust with the melody. Tap Beat is additionally given; you’ll press the TAP button a few times at the specified rhythm to set the fitting BPM esteem indeed for a melody that does not have a solid cadenced feel or whose BPM is troublesome to identify. You’ll too utilize the BPM handle to form fine alterations.

Image: Korg