Korg Module

music production software

The Korg Module is a high-quality mobile sound solution module app made for iPhone and iPad. It is ideal for music production and live performance alike. The Kord Module contains a pro-sound library with a wide spectrum of musical possibilities. With these, you can enhance your music production, composition or live performances. The Module can be connected and synced to a MIDI keyboard for enhanced playability and to boost functionalities too. Korg Module has six sound engines that provide super high-quality sound and technology. Korg has developed them from a wide selection of historical synthesisers and workstations.

The Korg Module is the perfect companion for your devices

The mode offers an Acoustic Piano, Clav Organ, and an Electric Piano. Each has its own display to adjust and select parameters, all of this with low latency. Korg suggests you combine the Module with a MIDI keyboard for the best experience possible. They suggest you use it with the microKEY or the microKEY air with Bluetooth connectivity. Coupling these devices will make the little and powerful Korg Module even better and cable-free. However, you can also use your favourite MIDI keyboard with plugKEY mobile MIDI+audio interface. This won’t be a limitation because you can still play directly on your iPhone or iPad screen keyboard.

The Korg Module is also compatible with the Korg Gadget 2. Together, these devices can increease your mobile music production tools with powerful gadgets that add more variety to your music. Another great feature of the Module is that it is compatible with AUv3, so you can also work on Garageband. The Module also has a function that lets you view notations, music scores, and memos for your performances.

Image: Korg