M-Track Plus

Music Production Hardware

This flexible interface obliges any input, from an electric guitar to a proficient condenser mic—and Phantom control is given. Perfect for on-the-go performers, the smooth M-Track Additionally highlights strong aluminium case to resist the rigours of the street. A single USB cable gives both control and data transfer to and from your portable workstation or desktop computer. The circuit plan minimizes portable workstation battery depletes. M-Track Also too gives MIDI and coaxial S/PDIF associations, to live at the heart of your advanced home studio or pro studio. Completing this capable bundle is Ignite by Air music creation software. Touch off conveys a comprehensive way for changing the thoughts in your head into a wrapped up piece of music.

M-Track is prepared with a flexible cluster of inputs to supply the finest outcomes with any sort of sound source. Each channel offers an XLR input and an adjusted 1/4″ input. The XLR input is planned to work with mics or other Lo-Z sources. The apparition control switch conveys 48V to the XLR inputs for use with proficient condenser amplifiers. The 1/4″ input can be set to get a line-level signal, or exchanged to permit an electric guitar or bass to be plugged straightforwardly into the M-Track. The pickup handle guarantees the right input level.

Ignite gives a refreshingly unique way to rapidly capture, combine, and organize your melodic thoughts. The natural realistic interface energizes you to test and investigate modern bearings. Shrewd MIDI Chord and Express Players enable your thoughts and bring them to life through over 275 prevalent great sounds made by Air Music. When you’re prepared to collaborate with other artists or take your thoughts to the following level, you’ll be able to share them through SoundCloud, or send out your WAV and MIDI records and purport them into any DAW computer program. Best of all, Ignite offers consistent integration along with your M-Audio console controller, with no set-up chores to perform.

To be able to perform Ignite on your Windows computer you will need at least Windows 7 paired with an intel core 2 duo, 2 GB Ram and 1 USB port. For Mac users Mac OS X 10.7.5 and forward, Intel Core 2 duo and the same 2 GB Ram and a USB port.

Image: M Audio