Magnetostatic Loudspeaker

A magnetostatic loudspeaker is a dipole loudspeaker that has many similarities with the electrostatic loudspeaker. Magnetostatic loudspeakers use high currents. As the name suggests, their construction involves permanent magnets which function as a static magnetic field and wires that carry the audio frequency currents. In its composition, these wires are attached to a thin diaphragm. When moving forward, the current runs through the conductors and interacts with the magnetic field. As a result, it creates a sound. Keep in mind, though, that a magnetostatic loudspeaker only generates sounds through the front and back sides due to its dipole structure.

The Magnetostatic Loudspeaker: Characteristics

Magnetostatic loudspeakers offer good sound quality and might be pretty small and thin. Nevertheless, when they need to generate lower frequencies with great sensitivity, their dimensions tend to expand. The impedance of a magnetostatic loudspeaker is resistive and can reach extremely low levels.

Magnetostatic Loudspeaker: How It Works

These speakers employ a large moving membrane driven over the whole surface. They get their driving power from permanent bar magnets. The membrane usually functions as a conductive layer and might involve Mylar as its basic material. Manufacturers always wrap around this basic material with strips or wires attached to it. Behind this membrane are strips of bar magnets that drive the complete power. These thin conductive wires are for both mids and highs. Thicker conductive strips, in contrast, are typical for bass. People call this technique semi-ribbon.

The Ribbon

A ribbon includes a long aluminium strip that works simultaneously as a tweeter and as a conductor. Due to its length, a ribbon tweeter doesn’t require an impedance-matching transformer to achieve a specific impedance. The bar magnets on the ribbon are only on the sides, so the tweeter can breathe from both the front and the back.

Conclusions on the Magnetostatic Speaker

Full-range magnetostatic loudspeakers have a great and satisfying bass response. The bass output is suitable for al types of music, although they lack coloration and boxiness.