Timeless 3 by FabFilter


Timeless 3 presents a streamlined unused interface, five criticism circuit effects, more channels, up to 16 delay taps, progressed channel and immersion calculations, a changed preset library, and more. With its dual-delay design and boundless tweak framework, it’s the go-to plugin for both bread-and-butter echoes and marvellous imaginative impacts. Taking Immortal to modern sonic statures — with specific consideration paid to the transient reaction of the criticism circuit, FabFilter has updated and optimized its analogue-modelling calculations from best to bottom. The results are its hottest channels and smoothest immersion, however, conveying epic echo-based impacts of unrivalled clarity, nearness, and character.

Timeless 3 empowers users to plan indeed the foremost complicated delay effects quicker and more effectively than ever. The totally overhauled interface significantly disentangles operation without compromising the included set in any way and is displayed with a modern, darker colour conspire that’s simpler on the eye amid long sessions. The all-new delay show gives instinctive visualization and tweaking of delay time, criticism, and mix settings, whereas the intelligent channel show makes forming the recurrence reaction a snap, and the staggering full-screen mode extends the GUI for the most extreme centre. Modulation sources and targets presently visualize balance signals with enlivened collars and tracks, and the unused source stream range gives locks in the diagram of all dynamic tweaks.

Colour the sound of the delays with Timeless 3’s five modern ‘one-knob criticism impact modules. Include analogue-style immersion and advanced mutilation with Drive and Lo-Fi; mollify, spread, and ‘reverb-in the flag with the Diffuse handle; dial-in moment compression or gating with Dynamics; and move the criticism up to an octave up or down with the Pitch processor. Unnecessary to say, all five are accessible as tweak targets, as well, so it’s simple to urge them to move with Immortal 3’s XLFOs, Envelope Devotees, XY Controllers, MIDI CCs, and more.

Image: FabFilter