Ocean Way Pro3


In spite of its little size, the modern two-way active monitor is stuffed with highlights that delivers a frequency reaction of 45Hz to 20kHz and 110 dB greatest SPL between channels. Its little impression makes it culminate nearfield monitor for home and commercial recording studios, as well as in professional broadcast and post facilities where ideal execution is required, and space is at a premium. In planning the Pro3 monitor, Ocean Way Sound has connected the same degree of design, designing and fabricating skill as found in its popular, large-format loudspeakers, which are shown in top-tier studios around the world. With Pro3, Ocean Way Sound is able to amplify its reach into a broader showcase of engineers, producers and music makers over a sweeping run of melodic genres.

One of the things that set Ocean Way Sound monitors separated from its competitors is the precision of their imaging: in this case, between channels, the recurrence reaction of each Pro3 monitor falls inside ±0.5 dB of one another. This makes for a more cohesive stereo picture and a more point by point spatial reaction. Interim, the low-end recurrence expansion is remarkable for its estimate, conveying a level reaction all the way down to 45Hz. The cabinet plan makes a difference in accomplish exact time arrangements by diminishing astound reflections and joins materials planned to play down low recurrence reverberation. The harbour on the Pro3 makes a difference optimize the woofer’s low-frequency expansion, whereas including the speaker’s by and large sound weight level capacity.

The HF driver on Pro 3 joins a tall definition, silk texture arch plan that conveys great acoustic linearity. The LF driver employments a geometrically strengthened aluminium cone with a vented cast aluminium chassis making it able to convey ‘high control linearity’ and perform ideally whereas checking at any level. These developments, combined with an inventive cabinet plan that conveys high-resolution sound and negligible reflections, empower longer sessions with a negligible degree of tuning in weakness over the whole sound range.

Image: Ocean Way Audio