Behringer RD-9

music production knowledge

Great care and dedication has been taken in designing and building the RD-9 to find modern conceivable outcomes in beat creation by restoring a timeless design from one of the foremost classic drum machines of the past. By taking a new and present-day approach to a classic drum machine, the RD-9 gives you the control to saddle the extraordinary sound of the admired TR-909 and tap into a few modern highlights as well. Colossal bass drums through sizzling hi-hats can be controlled to require your rhythm performance to another level. Built to improve the way you perform, the RD-9 brags all-new highlights for live use in each of the sequencer modes counting step rehash, note rehash, real-time activating and live step-overdubbing. This makes it simple to empower recording in design mode, so you’ll construct tune structures on the fly and switch back to playback mode at the touch of a button.

Each of the 11 unique drums sounds come with their own tuning, level, assault and rot controls to be able to change each sound fairly the way you need or alter them within the heat of a tune to form drum sounds that change in concentrated and tonality as a melody advances. Include a few more excitement with the autofill include and present more varieties. You’ll even prompt up another tune from memory without hindering playback, permitting you to perform whole sets from beginning to wrap up fair utilizing your RD-9. The RD-9 highlights one of the foremost capable step sequencers ever made. The 64-step sequencer can store up to 64 designs and 16 melodies with a ceaselessly variable swing permitting you to imitate a genuine drummer and deliver the beats you make a more human feel.

Wave Creator has personal and supports controls that can be connected to person voices to bring another measurement to your Drum Beats. Also, RD-9’s exceedingly adaptable dual-mode channel button flips between LPF and HPF, permitting you to experiment with the cutoff recurrence and reverberation controls to form this world beats whereas that liquid clears can be recorded straight into the sequencer and advance changed utilizing the step editor.

Image: Behringer