Types of Marketing Strategies

There are plenty of types of marketing strategies available to you as you venture into the world of business. As you have learned from our introduction to marketing strategies, they have made it much easier to promote products and services (such as music). Before delving into the types themselves, however, we will offer a brief remainder of the essential steps you must follow to have a successful immersion.

Before Selecting Your Type of Marketing Strategy

Don’t lose sight of the fact that the marketing strategy you choose must be the one that’s most effective for your business.  In other words, you must select one as per your business requirement. While you’re thinking of choosing the right strategy, consider the following steps.

To begin with, define your target population. This is indispensable for aiming at the marketing strategy that’ll be the most beneficial. With the proper demographics you can do wonders. In second place, test your audience. By testing we simply mean that you’ll have to ensue in a process of trial-and-error with your product where you have to make sure that the people you’re targeting are the right kind. Thirdly, get informed on marketing strategies (as you’re doing right now). Last but not least, evaluate them: determine which ones are applicable to your production and which ones aren’t.

On To the Marketing Strategies

Once you have analyzed the needs of your business and the target audience, as well as specified the features of your products, you must learn about marketing strategies. Broadly speaking, they’re divided into two main types: business to business marketing (B2B) and business to consumer marketing (B2C). Considering that you’re a musician, you’ll fall into the B2C category most of the time.

Specific Examples of Marketing Strategies

  1. Paid advertising
  2. Cause marketing
  3. Relationship marketing
  4. Undercover marketing
  5. Word of mouth
  6. Internet marketing
  7. Transactional marketing
  8. Diversity marketing.

We will explain each of these in another entry so that you can look into the one in which you’re interested.