Offline Music Marketing

Offline music marketing has not stopped being in fashion. In previous entries we have insisted on the importance of music marketing on social media. Regardless, today we’re here to tell you that it’s as indispensable as the online version is.

Offline Music Marketing: What is It?

Even though offline marketing is not as massive as it once was, it is still crucial for your business’s growth. Actually, one very common mistake of contemporary artists is avoiding more traditional resources; that is, those that do not involve anything digital. Offline music marketing is the process of innovating your products, satisfying customers, and building awareness and market share, but with strategies that involve (mostly) physical spaces and well-established sources.

    Some of these sources are live gigs and venues, radio stations, TV channels—and advertisements in both—. They aim for CD shops, and acquiring paper flyers and distributing them on the streets (or other of the aforementioned spaces). So, for instance, instead of creating a video only for digital platforms, aim at making them for relevant music TV channels, too. You can also aim at scoring an interview on TV or radio. And, even more so, you can get together with a street team to help you spread the word on both your music itself and the activities that you will create accordingly. 

Isn’t This Effort For Nothing?

The answer is absolutely not. The point of considering offline music marketing is, precisely, taking the most of whatever is available in the business of promoting. Of the list we have just provided, performing gigs at targeted venues is probably what will give you the best chance to get an instant reaction to your music. In this way, you can engage with potential fans on a much more personal level. Any of the elements that we’ve suggested are meant to be a seed for building life-long relations that will, later on, help you in your pursuit to success.

Offline Music Marketing: Conclusions

We do not mean to tell you to choose offline music marketing over online music production: quite the contrary! What we want is for you to take all the advantages you possibly can to make your music as popular—and, therefore, profitable—as possible. Combined efforts have proven to be much more relevant than having a single focus.