Noiselab is a community that offers music production courses taught by Ableton Certified Trainers, successful producers and electronic musicians. Noiselab features online courses, video tutorials, samples packs and sounds, as well as a producer community. This community provides professional programs than help both beginners and experienced users acquire new skills and perfect the ones they already have.

Noiselab is a music community that is in constant actualization, so new courses are added every month. Each course is designed for students to learn from the best teachers and trainers. Students will have unlimited access to choose from a broad collection of the best programs to suit their desires and needs. Students are encouraged to work at their own pace, from anywhere around the world. 

Noiselab offers a wide selection of courses for all skills and levels of experience. Some of the programs include Electronic Music Production, DJing with Ableton Live, Synthesis, Sidechain, Mixing Essentials, Ableton Wavetable Synth, Sound Design, Working with Effect Racks, Live Looping, Max for Live Devices, Creating Rhythmic Feel with Grooves, Deep Dive into Sampler, Parallel and Multiband Processing, and many more. 

Noiselab also offers a variety of royalty-free loops, MIDI, and On-Shots, as well as an interactive training program. The Music Production Bootcamp is an 18-week online program where students learn how to produce music in a relaxed atmosphere. Students engage in an interactive digital classroom where they learn from an Ableton-certified instructor. 

This Bootcamp is divided into three 6-week courses. In the first one, Composition and Beat-Making, students will learn about different topics, including melody and lead sounds, clips, drum racks and rhythm theory, transitions and clip envelopes, keys, scales, and drum progressions, as well as a bassline and equalizing. In the second course, Synthesis and Sound Design, students will get involved in wavetable synthesis and modulation, analog subjective synthesis, FM synthesis, synthesis with samples, as well as making instrument racks. In the third course, Arranging, Mixing, and Mastering, students will be able to learn about arrangement concepts, mixing concepts, basic mastering, arrangement view and the linear timeline, arrangement editing, as well as track automation. 

Flexibility is key when it comes to Noiselab courses, so they offer several possibilities for students to enrol.