CreativeLive is an online education platform that offers live classes. It features many different courses that range around a variety of subjects, including music and audio. CreativeLive offers a broad array of creative tools that help musicians and potential artists get inspired and express their creativity. 

CreativeLive is an online platform designed especially for creatives and innovators. It offers amazing music and audio courses lead by visionaries and professionals. Each program is designed for specific public and offers different learning models to suit all needs. CreativeLive is formed by a community of innovators, doers, and hustlers from diverse backgrounds that aim to share and create despite their differences. This online platform provides high-quality music education for everyone. 

Since success is different for everyone, the CreativeLive community inspires potential artists to reach their own goals at their own pace. They encourage excellence as they help them create their own unique path. CreativeLive offers a fresh approach to musical education, allowing users to create amazing musical masterpieces. 

The music and audio courses are classified as follows: Essentials, including audio engineering, sound mixing, music business, studio pass, and songwriting. The technique, including electronic music production, synths, recording drums, bass, guitar recording, live sound mixing, vocals, rock, and DJing. Software, including Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Fl Studio, Avid Pro Tools, and Cubase. 

Music and audio classes are taught by renown artists that are meant to inspire, teach and empower the student community. The Creator Pass features a wide variety of courses that can be streamed and watched from anywhere at any time. The CreativeLive platform is in constant actualization, so it offers new courses regularly.

CreativeLive features free classes for students to gauge how it works before purchasing a specific program. Once the student is convinced, classes are available on-demand for a fee. CreativeLive On Air streams live virtual classes.