DVR250 Native

DVR250 Native is a groundbreaking reverb plugin. It brings the notorious EMT 250 Electronic Reverberator to your DAW. It has an unique combination of accuracy program and discretionary equipment controls. These allow it to capturethe amazing sound and unique material controls of the world’s commercial reverb boxes. Super simple and inventive to blend with, DVR250 will include a smooth and offbeat vintage discussion to any extend. The DVR250, TC2290, TC8210 and TC1210 are premium impact plugins that will take your music and sound plan to another level.

DVR250 Native is good, very good.

Received by thousands of performers and sound engineers, our family of local plugins draws on forty a long time of planning the ultimate impact units and are ensured to require your music to the following level. With DVR250’s discretionary hands-on controls, you get to add up to imaginative control of your reverb and tweak impacts. The smooth desktop unit gives you all key parameters right at your fingertips and permits you to investigate and try your heart’s substance. Presented in 1976, the first EMT 250 is effortlessly one of the best-sounding reverb impacts ever planned.

Like its 100 lb. ancestor, DVR250 sounds completely astounding on everything from lead vocals and synths to drum hits and percussion. Really, its sparkling influence and sweet character is the idealised coordinate for any track that needs sonic flawlessness and a warm vintage vibe. Exceeding expectations in excellent cushions that will envelop and upgrade your source sounds, DVR250 encompasses a parcel more to offer. In expansion to the silver-toned reverbs, you’ll be able to dial in a extend of smooth impacts, counting reverberate, delay, refrain, staging and space. These five offbeat additional items are beyond any doubt to work ponders on your guitar transport or foundation vocals, or to include gleam to electric pianos and moderate bass areas.

Image: Tc Electronic